Hope Network Online

We launched Hope Network Online with Lynn Anderson’s original They Smell Like Sheep Training Kit. Over the next several months, we will add additional courses designed to help church leaders grow their leadership skill sets. We are open to recommendations on courses that could be helpful to those in church leadership. Please email suggestions for future courses to [email protected]. As you purchase courses, they will show up in the space below. 


The Forgotten Front Door to Your Church – The Nursery

This free introductory course authored by Dr. Barbara Price, introduces participants to the foundational components of creating a safe and welcoming nursery environment as an effective avenue of ministry. Please click the “explore” button below to launch the course!


Teaching the Bible to Children Ages 0-5

Teaching the Bible to Children Birth to Five provides Children’s Ministry staff and volunteers with a comprehensive theological, philosophical, and educational framework for sharing God’s Word with our little ones. Join Dr. Barbara Price in this self-paced online course as she explores topics such as creating a learning environment, staffing, the gender divide, and so much more.